How to book an Exam

To book an IRATA International exam click on the following link to be taken to the IRATA International page on our examination provider’s website located HERE.

If this is your first time booking an exam, you will need to create an account by clicking on the “create account” button.

On creation of your account, or once you have signed in using your existing account, you will be taken to the “Exam Catalog”, here you will see all available IRATA International exams.

Once you have selected the exam you wish to take, you will need to fill out some additional details depending on the exam you have selected, including your IRATA number. Please visit for more information.

You will then be asked to enter your Postcode and select up to three Pearson Vue test centres near you to check their availability (See Figure 1). Once selected, you will be able to view the available dates at each of your chosen test centres (See Figure 2). Please note, the available dates for exams are determined by each individual test centre; as such, IRATA International and Pearson Vue are unable to intervene if the dates you require are not available.

Figure 1 - Finding Pearson Vue venues near you
Figure 1 - Finding Pearson Vue venues near you

Figure 2 - Checking availability of selected Pearson Vue test centres
Figure 2 - Checking availability of selected Pearson Vue test centres

When booking your exam, the soonest date available will be 48 hours from the time you make your booking. For example, if you book your exam on a Tuesday, you won’t be able to sit the exam before the following Thursday. Please allow ample time before certification expiry to take the necessary exam.

After selecting an available date, you will be asked to confirm your details, agree to the policies, and then make payment.

Once you have made your booking, you will receive a confirmation email containing details of what you are required to take with you to the exam, the time to get to the exam centre, and directions to the exam centre from the address you have provided.

Two exam reminders will be sent to you, the first being 72 hours before your exam, and the second email, 24 hours prior to your examination date.

Exam day

On the day of your exam, please get to the exam centre 15 minutes before your appointed time, as you will be required to register. Registration consists of agreeing and signing a terms and conditions letter, clocking in and a check of your 2 forms of ID. Please note, a photograph of you will be taken during registration at the test center, and an electronic signature will be required for verification purposes.

Once registration and all checks are complete, the invigilator will ask you to store all of your belongings in the lockers provided. No personal items are allowed into the exam room. Once the invigilator is satisfied, they will escort you into the examination room. The invigilator will then log you into your assigned computer and explain the process prior to your exam starting.

Upon completion of your exam, the invigilator will escort you out of the examination room. You will be required to sign another area of the terms and condition letter and write down the time you finished your exam.

Before leaving the exam center, the invigilator will give you a printed copy of your examination results. This will also be sent to you via email, immediately after the exam.

A history of all your exam results will be available on your Pearson Vue account.

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